Following the recent Government advice, the SCOPIC team will be working remotely as of today until further notice. We wanted to assure you that everything is business as usual for us. We have made this move in order to ensure our team remain in good health, so that we can continue to provide our clients with the excellent service they are used to. Work is continuing as normal, and we remain contactable via phone, email and video chat – you won’t notice a difference.

SCOPIC are remaining calm, confident and positive;
we’re not going anywhere (quite literally)!

We understand that these are uncertain times for many businesses, and the team are here to offer our support in any way we can. You can reach out to us by calling 01524 805085 with any questions you may have.

Take advantage of the online surge

Despite the obvious challenges facing businesses, there could be an opportunity to increase your online presence and brand awareness. A vast amount of people have more time on their hands to surf the web and are scrolling their way through social media while they are self-isolating and working from home.

Live streaming across YouTube, Facebook and other channels grew by more than 66% in Italy in a single week this February according to StreamElements. With that in mind, it makes sense to get posting. Keep your customers in the loop, offer them support or even ask for advice.

Don’t have time to create new content?

If you’ve worked with SCOPIC before then the chances are that we’ll have plenty of leftover, unused footage from the shoot which can be repurposed to create something new! Get in touch to discuss this by calling 01524 805085 or email .