Happy New Year!

Brexit…are you prepared? We’ve been busy preparing for any eventual outcome, and have created this Brexit video message to explain exactly what we are doing.

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Video transcript:


The word “Brexit” is uttered 507 million times daily in Britain.

There are 92 million conversations on the topic of Brexit in the UK each day.

And there has been 180 million tweets mentioning Brexit globally since the referendum in 2016.

research commisioned by Channel 4, Jan2019.

Over 3 years have passed since the referendum, yet a clear and concise definition of what Brexit actually means still remains a mystery.

This uncertainty has harmed British economic confidence, and as the prospect of a chaotic, no-deal exit from the EU becomes an ever-increasing reality, it is absolutely imperative that businesses are prepared.

Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.

Since the referendum, UK inward investment, which was previously growing at 5%, has fallen sharply.
*Financial Times – Aug 2019

Research states, that 41% of businesses still have no risk assessment in place for Brexit .
*British Chamber of Commerce – Sept 2019

Insolvencies are at the highest rate for 5 years and if we leave without a deal in place, its predicted that 15% of UK businesses could fail.
* Alexis Garatti, Head of Macroeconomic Research at Euler Hermes – Oct 2019

We are not going to be become one of those statistics.

We can’t predict the future, but we are planning for it. We have made firm preparations for any eventual outcome, including:

Anticipating what Brexit could do to our market and creating solid contingency plans, putting robust 3 and 5 year plans, including 90-day sprint reviews, in place, and reaching out to all of our customers to reassure them, that in these difficult and challenging times of great change, we remain utterly focussed, confident and calm in the face of the approaching storm.